The 1997–2010 Labour Government, like all governments since the dawn of time and no doubt all governments to come, did both good and bad things. I believe the good substantially outweighed the bad. I’m not going to give a point-by-point account of my views on every issue you list, as that would be longer than the original blog, but you can get some idea of my view from this 2015 piece. In passing, I’ll mention that I do agree the civil liberties record was one of New Labour’s worst features.

I’m not claiming a monopoly on morality for Labour or for my own brand of politics. Quite the contrary: I think the Labour tendency to condescend to Tory voters, in particular, is wrong and unhelpful in equal measure. I am simply saying people with my brand of politics have principles too. We are not simply soulless pragmatists who follow every opinion poll. We have our own beliefs.

As to the morality of Labour MPs as compared to Corbyn, I can only say I stand by what I wrote in the original piece. I also think policy errors or disagreements are a different category of right and wrong from Corbyn’s past associations, and his present misjudgments on issues around anti-Semitism in particular — which is why I presented that side of the discussion separately in the piece.

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