Thanks very much. I agree with you. I didn’t think Labour could get away with challenging the current approach to tax and spend as radically as we did in 2017 and I was wrong. I’m delighted to have been wrong on that point. You’re quite right that Corbyn did a lot to reset our compass on that, and the 2017 campaign probably helped jerk the country out of that same rut. But I decided not to overdose on caveats, given the already-punishing length of the piece!

I hope I made it clear my biggest issue on welfare choices was the overall distributional impact of the package rather than specific pledges as such. As you rightly say, obviously it would be quixotic at best to reject the very idea of offering the middle classes any financial reasons to vote Labour. But like you, I have an ideological problem when our overall offering seems to be predominantly gifts to the middle classes and thin gruel for the poor.

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