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  • Jamie Thunder

    Jamie Thunder

    Former policy person in the third, private, and public sector. Now training as a debt advisor. Views mine, and subject to change.

  • Liam Liburd

    Liam Liburd

    Historian who resents living through history | Buyer of books seeking time to read them | Film fan | Urban rambler | Social democrat

  • Jonathan Davis

    Jonathan Davis

  • Paul Bloomfield

    Paul Bloomfield

    Some bloke.

  • Chris Creegan

    Chris Creegan

    Chair @SAMHtweets, Non Exec @socsecscot & runner @EdinburghAC, Views my own

  • Marcus Leroux

    Marcus Leroux

    Journalist at SourceMaterial but this is my scrapbook for unrelated scribblings.

  • Adam Langleben

    Adam Langleben

    Former Labour Councillor. Labour Refusenik. Rootless cosmopolitan. Campaigner. European. Jewish Labour Movement NEC Member. Written in a personal capacity.

  • Rose Hasler

    Rose Hasler

    Interested in politics, cooking and a bit of finance/economics. Music. All views my own.

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