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  • Rushabh Haria

    Rushabh Haria

  • James Mitchell

    James Mitchell

    High Strategy, lively copy, fiction with fangs and thorns. Growth for your business, and growth for me. This is the story of a project I’m calling Botany.

  • (((Elliot Bidgood)))

    (((Elliot Bidgood)))

    Research & comms analyst at a consultancy for not-for-profit organisations. Recovering Remainer, @UKLabour member, Unite. All views my own

  • David Marsden

    David Marsden

  • Anna Bee

    Anna Bee

    Artist, curator, and writer, searching to reclaim free-thinking for the left.

  • Mark Holden

    Mark Holden

  • Patrick Hurley

    Patrick Hurley

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