Excellent piece. It’s not central to your argument, but it’s also worth noting that the holier-than-thou references to NATO’s strategic concerns conceal another hypocrisy on the part of the West-hating section of the left. This sort of reasoning goes hand in hand with a hostility to the expansion of NATO (and sometimes of the European Union).

Such hostility always, always ignores the clear will of the people and governments of most eastern European states to join the Euro-Atlantic world. It also ignores the compelling reasons why they might wish for a guarantee of solidarity facing a neighbour with a terrible record and revanchist tendencies. And in the end, it ends up treating sections of eastern Europe as some sort of buffer zone between the West and Russia. Strategic concerns actually loom quite large in hard left foreign policy. It’s just that the strategic concerns tend to be those of potentially hostile authoritarians at the expense of fellow democracies or oppressed peoples.

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